Study & Travel Programs

The Study and Travel Programs are four-week programs for students and young professionals who want to learn about and experience a different cultural environment in a uniquely attractive format. All programs are taught in English and are open to people from all over the world as platforms to develop both their personal, professional, as well as intercultural skills.

Our Educational Approach

Our programs enable students to acquire state-of-the-art academic skills and immediately test and develop these skills in a practical context through work in a project in the target country.
All lecturers involved in the programs are experts working in the field they teach. Participation in our programs requires a hands-on attitude of the participants and a strong interest in acculturation. We combine academic learning with hands-on experience and the opportunity to travel and discover a country from a unique perspective.

Program Overview

Our four-week programs include 10 days of academic learning, 8 days of traveling and 10 days work on a project with one of our local business partners.  Class and field lectures alternate with exciting excursions designed to give students a privileged insight into the country’s historical, cultural, natural and economic  identity and project work with a local business partner round up the programs to offer students a fully immersive experience.

Learning by Traveling

We believe that by traveling, you will also learn in an a exciting and enticing way. Therefore, we offer premium traveling programs with various sights and activities in order to make your travel an adventure.


Our programs are designed to make an impression that you’ll not easily forget. The Study & Travel  programs offer a unique opportunity to visit a country not as an uninvolved tourist but also learn about your host country as well as develop a better understanding of cultural diversity. An experience you can build on for the development of your own personal character as well as for professional career. All the parts of the offered programs form a well-balanced whole focused on the creation of education and acculturation as an experience.